Tips on Selecting a Security Patrol Provider

header letterThe best way to locate a quality security patrol service is to get a referral from a satisfied customer. It is always best to get multiple proposals and don’t consider price alone as the deciding factor.

  • Ask for references and check them
  • Ask about officer qualifications and experience, to see licenses, insurance papers, and samples of reports that will be used on your property
  • Check with the state licensing board to see if any complaints have been filed against the company or if their patrol license is valid
  • Ask if there is a limit on number of security checks per beat

Purpose of Security Vehicle Patrol: Discourage, Detect criminal and unwanted social activities and Detention of those involved.

How: One part of a solution to strengthen a location is that perceived benefits are outweighed by the effort and consequences. Options that a quality service provider offers are below.

  • Cost Effective
    • Allows multiple checks per shift
    • Allows Flexibility
    • Alter Times
    • Alter Duties
      • Different Focus on weekends and as opposed to weekday
  • High Visibility Vehicles
    • Distinctive
      • Well Marked
      • Badge
      • Wording
      • Reflective
    • Light Bar
      • Alley Lights
      • Take Downs
      • Warning Lights
      • Directional Arrow
    • Public Address System
    • Spot Lights
      • Focused Beam
      • Adjustable
  • Officer Appearance & Equipment
    • Uniform
      • Provides Command Presence
    • Proper Equipment for Officers Duty Belt
      • Radio
      • Non-Lethal Weapons
        • Chemical Agent
        • Baton
        • TASER
      • Handcuffs
      • Sidearm
  • Documentation: Critical in defending premises liability lawsuits, proof of providing adequate security
    • ¬†Written
      • Officers Daily Patrol Journals
      • Incident Reports
    • ¬†Video
      • Dash Cameras
      • Officer Worn Cameras
  • Alarm Response
    • Many municipalities are charging for police response to check alarms, sometimes in the range of $500.00
    • Check to see if overnight alarm response is included with your agreement
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