Secure Your Home Volume 1

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According to the FBI’s latest statistics property crime is increasing. The statistics show that a burglary occurs once every 15 seconds, or 4 times every minute! Many of the items taken cannot be replaced (things like family heirlooms, collections, anniversary gifts, electronics, computers, etc.) and those that can, tend to be expensive (engagement rings, necklaces, firearms, etc.). Most items that are stolen during a burglary are fairly small, and as … READ MORE >>

Six Levels to a Security System

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When thinking about having a security system installed there are six (6) main aspects to consider. Over the next six weeks we will be discussing the values of each.

In general the main aspects of any security system are: (1) yard signs & window/door decals; (2) perimeter window & door contacts; (3) interior protection devices; (4) fire protection; (5) carbon monoxide detectors; and (6) special partitions.

The Four (4) Things Burglars Hate Most

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The four things burglars hate most are: Artificial Light, Noise, Exposure, and Time.

Artificial Light. Statistics show that most burglaries occur between the hours of 10 am and 2:30 pm. Why you may ask? Most likely during this time period, all of the adults are either out working or running errands while the kids are at school. Whomever is at work will most likely get home at 5:30 pm but … READ MORE >>

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